Whole Lotta Photographers

Whole Lotta Bugs is a community of photographers from all over the world who excel in the realm of arthropod photography. Click on the image of any one of the amazing photographers below to learn more about them and to check out some of their beautiful images on our eco-friendly products!

Image of the photographer Diego Mendez.  Image of the photographer George Wakeling.  A photo of the photographer, Jose Madrigal, with his name in green letters below the photo in a black box. To the right of his photo is the American flag.  Image of the photographer Peter Grob.  Photo of the photographer, Weemadbeasties. He has sunglasses on his head and is on top of a mountain with mountains in the background. He has brown hair. Below the photo is the word "Weemadbeasties" written in green within a black box. To the right of the black box is an icon of the Scottish flag.  Image of the photographer, Jose Alza, with his name at the bottom of the image and the flag of Spain in the lower right corner.  Black & White photo of the photographer Laurent Hesemans. It is a closeup of his face and he is smiling. In the bottom right of the image is an icon for the flag of the country Namibia. Next to the flag, Laurent’s name is written in green in a black box.  Photo of the photographer, Jamie Hall. He is smiling and has a short-cut beard. At the bottom of the photo, you can see his name written in green within a black box. And to the right of his name, their is an icon of the flag of England.   


Logo of Whole Lotta Bugs. It's a black circle with the green logo in the center. The black circle is enveloped by the words "Whole Lotta Bugs".