What is an Affiliate?

Maybe you're trying to better understand what an affiliate is. If so, keep reading. This page is provided to hopefully add some clarity as to what an affiliate is.

In the context of Whole Lotta Bugs, an affiliate is an ambassador or promoter of our business. Their job is to direct traffic (people) to our website through a personal affiliate link or coupon code that we provide them.

Personal Affiliate Link

A personal affiliate link is a link that leads to a page or product at wholelottabugs.com when it is clicked on. It's called a "personal" affiliate link because each affiliate has their own unique link. This allows Whole Lotta Bugs the ability to keep track of how many people (and hopefully sales) come from each particular affiliate through their personal affiliate links.

Affiliates post their personal affiliate link (as an example) on their social media profiles (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) to promote our store and products. For every sale in our store that is generated from the traffic an affiliate directed (referred) to our store through their personal affiliate link, that affiliate gets a commission percentage (money) for that sale. That type of commission is called a Referral Commission.

Personal Coupon Codes

Affiliates are also provided with coupon codes that are one of a kind and unique to each affiliate. These coupon codes are provided by Whole Lotta Bugs to our affiliates and are meant to be used by the affiliates to entice and influence their audiences into visiting our store.

As an example: If an affiliate posts their unique coupon code on one of their social sites and a person sees it and uses it for a discount in our store during checkout, the associated affiliate with that coupon code will earn a Referral Commission that way too. 

To understand more about being an affiliate with Whole Lotta Bugs, take a moment to read about The Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate with us. And if you have any questions, please feel free to email kyle@wholelottabugs.com.

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