Image of the photographer, Weemadbeasties. He is standing at a high elevation with green mountains in the background.

Hailing from Scotland, Weemadbeasties is a prolific photographer who excels at the art of arthropod macro photography. As one of the latest photographers to join our growing community, I had the pleasure of asking Weemadbeasties a little bit about his photography, and this is what he had to say.

Weemadbeasties: When it comes to arthropod macro photography, I enjoy going by the name of Weemadbeasties. I am from Scotland and I have been into photography for around 20 years working in a mixture of genres. I enjoy photographing arthropods and also really like photographing landscapes.

Macro image of a hoverfly on a purple flower with a yellow center. The hoverfly sort of looks like a bee.


WLBWhat got you started in arthropod macro photography?

Weemadbeasties: Like a lot of folks, I started during lockdown, due to not being able to get out on the hills as I would normally do, due to restrictions. So, I started to look at stuff I could photograph closer to home.

I watched a video of someone converting there standard setup on the cheap with some extension tubes and Raynox. From there, I went out every day to my local park and just got hooked!

Seeing the variety of insects which I hadn’t ever taken notice of before spurred me on to find more of them and to improve my technique. Next thing I knew, I was investing in better dedicated lenses, etc. Someone once said to me, “Is that you out photographing those 'weemadbeasties' again?” And that’s how Weemadbeasties was born.

Macro photo of a damselfly with forest green highlights.


WLB: Why do you like photographing arthropods and do you have any favorites that you like to work with?

Weemadbeasties: I like photographing arthropods because it's a new and exciting field for me. Two of my faves to work with are rove beetles and chalcid wasps. There’s just such a wealth of variety in the two.

Since I started, I have been adding new arthropods I had never photographed before to my IG page. This is proving a little more challenging these days due to 95% of my shots being taken in a city centre park. However, I have started taking trips further afield and will soon be in Asia. And who knows after that!

A macro image of a ladybug on a green leaf.


WLB: Do you have any photographic achievements you’d like to share?

Weemadbeasties: Scotland isn’t typically the first country people think of where macro photography is concerned. It continues to be my honor to give Scottish macro a wider audience. I like to think that I have opened some photographers up to the idea of shooting in their local space here.

One day, I hope to publish my own Scottish macro book focused on the variety of arthropods we have in Scotland.

WLB: What is your favorite gear and why?

Weemadbeasties: My current gear and favorite is definitely Olympus. For me, it’s the best choice due to most of my images being single shot. And you can’t beat the depth of field I can achieve with Olympus gear.

A macro photo of the side-view of a ruby-tailed wasp. The wasp has metallic-looking red and blue coloring. Its abdomen is metallic red, its thorax is both metallic blue and red, and its head is metallic blue. It is standing in grey gravel.

Ruby-Tailed Wasp

 WLB: Thanks, Weemadbeasties, for taking the time to share some details about your love of arthropod macro photography with us today!

Weemadbeasties works as an implementation consultant for an ESG software company full time. But he still manages to make plenty of time for macro photography, which has now become his main hobby. And what an accomplished hobby it is! To check out more of his arthropod macros, be sure to visit him on Facebook and Instagram!


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