The Environmental Values of Whole Lotta Bugs

Five people wearing shirts made by the Whole Lotta Bugs Clothing Company.

The true cost of textile printing includes the environmental price we all pay. Whole Lotta Bugs is committed to using eco-friendly materials and practices in the manufacturing of our apparel. This is why we exclusively partner with Print On Demand companies, only sell clothing that is made with organic or recycled fabrics, work exclusively with vegan friendly inks, and only promote cruelty-free photographers.

The Products: With fashion retailers alone wasting 92 million tons of textile each year, Whole Lotta Bugs gratefully avoids such pitfalls by utilizing Print On Demand (POD) companies / practices to make our products. This means we only make products when an order is placed, limiting our stock to items that already have a buyer. This lets us avoid the overproduction of items and the wasteful disposal & burning practices of unsold stock, which is common practice among too many other companies.

Whole Lotta Bugs only endorses Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. DTG printing is more sustainable than other more outdated apparel printing methods, such as screen printing. Not only does screen printing typically use a lot of water and plastisol inks that don’t biodegrade, but it’s also generally used for bulk orders, which leads to overproduction. In comparison, DTG printing is more eco-friendly because items get printed only when they’re ordered, and this method can be used for single-item printing.

The Photographers: At Whole Lotta Bugs, we do our best to only work with photographers & artists that are cruelty-free in their practices. Cruelty-free means that the photos of the animals on our apparel were not harmed while being photographed and were photographed as in-situ as possible. Whole Lotta Bugs strives to use images of animals that are composed in their natural environment, without being baited or manipulated in any way. If ever it is brought to our attention that an image we are using is contrary to this statement, Whole Lotta Bugs will promptly remove the image and products featuring the image from our marketplace.

The Material: The fabric used to make Whole Lotta Bugs organic apparel comes from Stanley / Stella, which is a PETA_Approved Vegan company. Stanley / Stella works only with 100% organic cotton & recycled materials. This helps to minimize their carbon footprint along with companies like us who support them.

Working with organic cotton ensures that no harmful chemical insecticides, fertilizers, or pesticides are used in the cultivating of the fabrics that we use at Whole Lotta Bugs. Doing what we can to keep such toxins out of the soil, rivers, lakes, and seas is of vital importance to our company. Such cultivation practices also allow the farmers that supply Stanley / Stella to work without creating water waste. This means that the water that was used in the growing of the organic cotton can be used again and returned to the soil without creating any harm to the ecosystem.

Check out this recent sustainability report from Stanley / Stella for more information about their company and practices.

Some of our eco-friendly shirt collections are made from 100% recycled fabric that's never re-dyed, saving energy and water, while also reducing pollutants and carbon emissions. Made from recycled cotton scraps and upcycled polyester rPET, our soft and breathable t-shirts help to keep reusable textiles and plastic bottles from ending up in landfills.

The Ink: The images on our apparel are printed with Kornit fixations and inks which are composed of TSCA, REACH, and other governmental-registered substances, certified vegan, OEKO-TEX Eco-Passport, GOTS, and ZDHC. Kornit’s ink sets help us to minimize our environmental footprint by meeting the most strict and advanced sustainability standards. 

There’s no question, sustainability is changing the fashion industry. And at Whole Lotta Bugs, we are committed to being leaders of action in promoting eco and vegan friendly sustainable apparel for all to choose and enjoy. 

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