Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate

How Much Money Can You Make?

Whole Lotta Bugs is committed to offering a generous commission to all of our  Affiliates. The following information will hopefully help you to understand what possible commissions you could earn with us. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Earn Approximately 15% Referral Commissions

For every Qualified Sale generated from a customer that uses one of your coupon codes or your referral links in our marketplace, you will earn a Referral Commission of approximately 15% of the Sale Price on that sale.

  • Example: We currently sell high quality organic cotton t-shirts through our store, and all of our t-shirts are priced at $32.99 USD. We give a 10% discount to customers if they use a referral link or coupon code during their checkout. So, if a customer uses your referral link or coupon code on a Qualified Sale, your commission of roughly 15% of a $32.99 USD t-shirt is $4.95 USD.

As you might have noticed in the example above, the customer discount does not reduce your 15% Referral Commission, which means more money for you! To better understand the Referral Commissions structure, please take a moment to read the Contributing Photographer and Affiliate Program Commissions Schedule.

Additional Affiliate Benefits

  • Once we make a sale from a customer that uses your affiliate link or coupon code, you will earn commissions on any future purchases they make, year after year. They are permanently your referral!
  • If a customer visits us through your personalized affiliate link or coupon codes, and then comes back to buy products during the next 30 days, you still get the commission.

For an even more thorough understanding of the rights and benefits you have as an Affiliate, please read our Contributing Photographer & Affiliate Programs Operating Agreement.

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