Peter Grob

An image of the photographer, Peter Grob. He is smiling and wearing a full brim hat with glasses. he is standing at a high elevation with the backdrop of a city behind him.

Peter Grob is a beloved photographer that has been on the Whole Lotta Bugs radar for some time now. His cruelty free in-situ wildlife macro photography is both inspirational and beautiful. Lately, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Peter a little bit better as we’ve been creating some new t-shirts featuring his gorgeous arthropod macro photography.

Peter: My name is Peter Grob and I‘m from Zurich, Switzerland. I’m 58 years old and I am married to my lovely wife Phin who is from Thailand. I bought my first DSLR camera around 10 years ago, together with a macro lens. For approximately 6 years now I have been taking macro-photography more seriously.

WLB: What are some of your earliest memories about your interests in photography and macro photography?

Peter: From the beginning, it was macro that got me interested in photography. And the primary reason that I bought my first macro gear was because I realized that I am very interested in making small things more visible.

Image of a sharpshooter leafhopper. This particular species has a yellow face and its body is primarily dark pink

Sharpshooter Leafhopper 

 WLB: Do you have any favorite arthropods that you like to photograph?

Peter: My first love have been jumping-spiders and they still are my favorite. Planthoppers, leafhoppers and robberflies follow closely.

Macro photo of a primarily black jumping spider. It is staring at the camera and it is standing on a yellow surface.

Corythalia Jumping Spider

 WLB: Why do you like photographing arthropods?

Peter: With such a diversity of species among the arthropod kingdom, there are so many new things to discover and to photograph about them. There is such an array of different shapes, patterns, and colors among them. When you take a close look, some of them even resemble what I think aliens from another planet might look like. It is absolutely stunning!

A macro image of a stalk eyed fly by the photographer, Peter Grob. The fly has two large stalks on its head with an eye at each end. It sort of looks like the head of a hammerhead shark, but of the fly world. The fly is staring straight at the camera and it is a golden color.
Richardia telescopica Stalk Eyed Fly

 WLB: What is some of your favorite gear and why?

Peter: I recently switched to Olympus and bought a used OM-D E-M1 II together with the M.Zuiko 60mm macro and a Godox V350o flashgun. It’s half the size and half the weight of what I used to use, but it offers double the features!

WLB: What are some other things you enjoy about photography?

Peter: Photography has enhanced my love of travel. I love going to the tropics and subtropics to find exotic species of arthropods. Sitting in the bushes to observe and photograph new and exciting critters helps me to stay in touch with nature and to escape from the crowds. I enjoy contemplating, reflecting, and being enchanted by the animals and creations that I find.

WLB: Thanks, Peter! I’m so grateful to get to know you better and to have your photography featured here at Whole Lotta Bugs. You add a lot of intrinsic value to our community!

Photo of the photographer, Peter Grob, in the field taking photographs. He is surrounded by thick green vegetation and is holding a camera with a black cone shaped light diffuser on it.

Peter in his happy place.

Be sure to say hello to Peter @p_grob on Instagram and by clicking this link to visit his website. Also take a moment to check out his collection here at Whole Lotta Bugs. You’ll be quite pleased when you see how good his photography looks on our t-shirts!