Laurent Hesemans

Black & White image of the photographer, Laurent Hesemans smiling.

WLB: Welcome to Whole Lotta Bugs, Laurent! It's an honor for us to be able to share your beautiful photography with the world. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Laurent: My name is Laurent Hesemans. I Grew up near Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert of Namibia.  My brother and I were fortunate to be surrounded by nature as we were raised, which sparked a deep appreciation for wildlife in both of us.

I attended AFDA Film School in Cape Town and studied Animation, Visual Effects, and Editing, hoping to pursue some form of nature filmmaking and photography. After I graduated, I returned to Namibia with my wife and we founded a small production company called Endemic Productions.

Macro image of a light ocean blue and green treehopper with two tiny horns.

Blue Neptune Treehopper

WLB: Why do you like photographing arthropods?

Laurent: Early on in the desert, I showed a love for insects and reptiles. As soon as photography became affordable for me, I became passionate about uniting those two worlds.

Macro image of a fuzzy orange / red flannel moth with long frilled antennae.

Flannel Moth

One of my favourite features of photography is the ability to reveal hidden details and secrets, and macro photography is an incredible way to get a closer look at the magical world around us. 

My wife and I currently live in Costa Rica now, which has been an absolute paradise for macro photography and wildlife.

Macro photo of a jumping spider with a red head and hazy green eyes as it is standing on a green leaf.

Jumping Spider (Acragas sp.)

WLB: Check out more from Laurent on his website where you can see so much more of his beautiful work and even inquire about private or group classes. And remember to follow him on Instagram too!


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