Jose Alza

Photo of the photographer, Jose Alza. He is wearing glasses and has brown hair. He is holding a camera with a Cygnustech light diffuser on it.

Jose Alza is from Catalonia, Spain and has been interested in photography since he was young man. In 2019, Jose started to get into macro photography thanks to a lens that he attached to his phone. Transitioning from his phone setup, this summer Jose invested in some more professional gear. But whether, he’s using a phone or professional gear, Jose’s talent as a photographer of arthropod macros is what consistently shines through in his work.

WLB: What got you started in photography and macro photography?

Jose: Photography has always interested me. I started in photography when I had my first camera phone. Since then, I have done all kinds of photography such as landscape, portrait, etc. In 2019, I became interested in macro photography by trying a lens on my phone and discovering a new world. From there, macro photography has become my passion. I made my own macro lens from a camera lens to get professional results with my phone. And recently, I have made the leap to the camera.

Macro photo of a blue bottle fly on a yellow flower. The blue bottle fly has metallic blue coloring and red compound eyes. It has yellow pollen on its face.

Blue Bottle Fly

WLB: Why do you like photographing arthropods?

Jose: Arthropods have always been there. I have seen them everywhere but I have never paid much attention to them. Thanks to macro photography, I can see them now as I have never seen them before. There are countless kinds of them and each one is beautiful in their own way. I enjoy discovering their incredible world and sharing it with others through my photography.

WLB: Do you have any favorite arthropods you like to photograph?

Jose: I like to photograph wasps and bees. But without a doubt, the ones I love to photograph the most are mantises. To me, they seem like spectacular, beautiful, and strange insects.

Image of a green praying mantis with its arms right next to its triangular head.

Praying Mantis

WLB: What kind of gear do you use?

Jose: When I started, my gear was definitely my phone and my macro lens. It was easy to carry and very effective. Now, my gear is the Olympus EM-1 Mark III, the Zuiko 60mm lens, the Raynox DCR-250 lens, the Godox V350O flash and the Cygnustech diffuser. My new setup has everything I need. It's manageable, lightweight, and really powerful.

WLB: Do you have any photographic achievements you’d like to share with us?

Jose: I've managed to win several photography contests. This year I've won an international mobile photography contest. I hope I can win some macro photography prizes one day too.

An image of the underside of a banded garden spider on its web. It has a large abdomen with yellow, black, and red markings. Its legs are in an 'X' pattern and they are banded with color that alternates between off-black and off-white.

Banded Garden Spider

WLB: Is there anything about your personal life you would like to share with us?

Jose: I consider that I'm still a novice in the world of macro photography. But thanks to the help and advice of great photographers, I hope to improve little by little and maybe one day people will mention my name too when talking about great macro photography.

WLB: Thank you for answering these questions, Jose. And welcome to the Whole Lotta Bugs community. We certainly appreciate your photographic talents thus far, and look forward to seeing you continue to grow as a great macro photographer.

An image of a green katydid. It is looking 'camera left' and has eyes that are pink on the top half of them.

Bush Cricket

To enjoy more of Jose’s arthropod macro photography, be sure to visit him on Vero and Instagram. Also, you can check out some of his images in the Jose Alza Collection with Whole Lotta Bugs!


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