Diego Mendez

Diego Mendez is a photographer in Argentina. 

Diego Mendez @shanghai46 is a photographer who lives in Argentina. He has been involved in macro photography for about 4 years and is quite accomplished at it. He is a happily married man to a beautiful wife who encourages and supports his photography. Together, they have 3 children and a dog named Malibu. So as you can see, Diego is a man of many blessings.

His images of arthropods are amazing, but not only because of his technical expertise.

This is a lynx spider (Hamataliwa sp)
Lynx Spider (Hamataliwa sp)
Diego has a love for nature and the environment. And through his macro photography, he has found a way to connect with this passion and to also share it with others.
Arthropods are animals that are often overlooked. Since they are so small, a lot of times people fail to realize the intricacies and details that make up these beautiful creatures. Fortunately, we have photographers like Diego who bring these intricacies to life through their macro photography for the rest of us. Not only does such photography create an opportunity for visual appreciation of these tiny animals, but it also reminds us to respect their sentient lives within the ecosystems and the planet that we share with them.
This is a pure green sweat bee (Augochlora pura) on a white flower.
Solitary Sweat Bee (Augochlora Pura)
Photo of a Wolf Spider (Lycosidae) photographed by Diego Mendez.
Wolf Spider (Lycosidae)
As important as photography might be in sharing the wonderful world of arthropods with others, Diego recognizes that the connection with nature is even more valuable than the photo itself. That is a beautiful reminder to me and hopefully to you too. Photography is just the tool. The real image and beauty must be nurtured and alive within our hearts. Otherwise, we might grow insensitive to our neighbors in nature and thereby lose touch with them (and possibly ourselves as well).
This is a feather-legged fly from the Trichopoda genus.
Tachinid Fly (Trichopoda)
Visit Diego on Instagram @shanghai46 where you can see a lot more of his heartfelt macro photography. And thank you, Diego, for sharing your passion with Whole Lotta Bugs!