Benefits of Becoming a Contributing Photographer

At Whole Lotta Bugs, we aim to magnify a community of like-minded photographers within our niche marketplace. Together, we are creating an uncluttered, unified, and financially beneficial opportunity for all photographers involved. By being a Contributing Photographer on our team, you are adding your strength to the collective and gaining the momentum that comes from being united with other exceptional photographers within a singularly focused marketplace.

By singularly focused, we mean that our marketplace exclusively revolves around featuring some of the world’s best arthropod photography along with the photographers who compose these fascinating images. 

A Contributing Photographer is a photographer who contributes to Whole Lotta Bugs by allowing us to feature some of their arthropod photography on our eco-friendly products.

Whole Lotta Bugs is committed to offering a generous commission to all of our Contributing Photographers. The following information is provided to help you understand what possible commissions you could earn with us as a Contributing Photographer in our exclusive program.

Earn 15% Royalty Commissions

For every Qualified Sale in our marketplace of a product featuring one of your images, regardless of who referred the customer, you will earn a Royalty Commission of approximately 15% of the sale price on that productThe more arthropod images you have on products in our marketplace, the larger your opportunity is to greatly increase a perpetual stream of passive income through Whole Lotta Bugs. To better understand the Royalty Commissions structure, please take a moment to read the Contributing Photographer and Affiliate Program Commissions Schedule. But in general, an example of a 15% Royalty Commission is explained below:

  • Example: We currently sell most of our high quality organic cotton t-shirts for $32.99 USD. Your Royalty Commission of 15% on the sale of one of our $32.99 USD organic cotton t-shirts featuring one of your images is approximately $4.95 USD.

Earn 15% Referral Commissions

As a Contributing Photographer, you’ll also be given your own affiliate referral links and coupon codes that you can use to generate Referral Commissions on top of your Royalty Commissions, if you would like to. For every Qualified Action from a customer that uses one of your referral links or coupon codes in our marketplace, you will earn roughly 15% of the sale price on their Qualified Sale. To better understand the Referral Commissions structure, please take a moment to read the Contributing Photographer and Affiliate Program Commissions Schedule. But in general, an example of a 15% Referral Commission is explained below:

  • Example: We currently sell our high quality organic cotton t-shirts for $32.99 USD. If a customer uses your referral link or coupon code and then purchases one of our organic t-shirts, your Referral Commission of roughly 15% of a $32.99 USD t-shirt is $4.95 USD.

Earn Up To 30% Commissions

As a Contributing Photographer, we want to provide a reliable source of income to you, whether or not you participate in the Referral Commission portion of our program. However, it is our hope that you will take advantage of the golden opportunity to earn roughly 30% of the Sale Price on a Qualified Sale of a t-shirt featuring one of your images by also being the Affiliate associated with referring that sale.

  • Example: If you are the Contributing Photographer and also the Affiliate associated (by way of referral link or coupon code) with a Qualified Sale of a $32.99 t-shirt, your commission of approximately 30% of the Sale Price is approximately $9.90!

Lifelong Referral Commissions

Once we make a sale from a customer that uses your affiliate link or coupon code, you will earn commissions on any future purchases they make, year after year. They are permanently your referral!

30 Day Cookie Window

If a customer visits us through your personalized affiliate link or coupon codes and doesn't buy something, but then comes back to buy products during the next 30 days, you still get the commission. 

    Strength in Numbers

    Why be an island in the internet ocean? Through Whole Lotta Bugs, you can join forces within a community of like-minded photographers while catering to a niche audience of arthropod enthusiasts! This design can help you gain exposure, expand your network, and benefit from other Contributing Photographer’s audiences by exhibiting your work next to theirs!

    Singular Focus

    People that come to Whole Lotta Bugs are typically already interested in bugs, and they don’t have to search through a barrage of off-topic niches and potentially distracting algorithms to find what they are looking for. While sites like Amazon, Spring (formerly Teespring), Redbubble, Etsy, and others are great platforms to promote your work on, it might be harder to standout in the jungle of niches that each of these websites represent. On the other hand, every product in the Whole Lotta bugs marketplace shares one common niche, arthropods.

    Everybody Shirts

    Who doesn’t like a new and intriguing shirt to wear? With Whole Lotta Bugs, you can allow others to experience the joy of becoming a walking billboard for your beautiful photography! Shirts are a unique, fun, easy, and accessible way to promote your work. 

    Compassionate Objective

    Come together with a community of photographers who believe in being kind to all animals, which includes arthropods. The following ethical photography standards are examples of which we strive to adhere to at Whole Lotta Bugs:

    • Un-manipulated: Whole Lotta Bugs does not endorse killing, baiting, or in any other way manipulating bugs to get a “better” shot. Arthropods are not actors or our slaves, and we don’t want to force bugs to pose for the images we feature on any of our products.
    • Wild & Free: At Whole Lotta Bugs, we promote images of arthropods that have been photographed while they are living in their natural environments. We believe that bugs are at their photographic best when they are not caged or oppressed in any way.

    Commitment to Environmental Excellence

    Parallell to our desire of encouraging photographers to be kind and ethical toward the animals they photograph, Whole Lotta Bugs is also committed to only creating environmentally safe products. We invite you to join our marketplace and community which believes that a healthy environment is far more important than maximizing financial profits at the expense of our planet. To learn more about the eco-friendly stance we are taking in our business practices, check out this page.

    Guest Blog Opportunity

    Beyond a marketplace, Whole Lotta Bugs strives to be a resource of arthropod and photography knowledge for professional and aspiring photographers. As a Contributing Photographer with us, We would also like to give you the possibility of becoming one of our guest bloggers too. The following are just a few examples of the types of beneficial guest blogs that we invite our Contributing Photographers to write:

    • Do you already have a website, blog, sponsorship, our product you are selling that revolves around arthropods, photography, or both? Promote and backlink to your already established online presence through a blog post with us!
    • Do you like to teach others things you’ve learned about arthropods and / or photography? Use our blog to share such knowledge!
    • Do you like a specific type of lens or diffuser? Write a blog post about it that we can share.
    • Have you won an award lately for your photography? Become a guest blogger and write a blog post about it!

    Thank you for reading about these benefits of becoming a Contributing Photographer with Whole Lotta Bugs. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at And if you're ready now to start earning some generous commissions now, sign up today! Thanks, and I hope to see you on the team! 

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